inmotiotec - 15 years experience in the object tracking and real time measurement sectors.

Today’s high-performance society has come to a point where only the slightest variation in performance can make the difference between success and failure, and between victory and defeat. Whether sport or industry, entertainment or media, wherever there’s competition at a more or less equal level, a consistent increase in performance and a constant improvement in quality are essential to remain at the top of your game. In collaboration with the abatec group AG, inmotiotec has developed a position-measuring precision instrument that is unlike any other in the world.

The revolutionary LPM technology delivers real-time data to the nearest centimetres and sophisticated analysis results that plan for success right down to the last detail. The superior, multifunctional system has proven invaluable in team and track sport, as well as in entertainment and show business. The synchronous mappability of all information in live images also makes LPM a vital tool for producing televised sporting events and much more.

LPM. Measure your reality!