Mission & Vision


Benefit: The permanent further development of our products enables us to provide the best quality to our customer (= precise measurement data with highest possible measurement frequency) in order to maximize the
customers benefit.

Flexibility: Through proactive business cooperation and planning we act quickly and flexibly on the requirements of our customers.

Innovation: Through innovative products and reliable, durable develop-
ments we set standards on the market and support market penetration and competitive abilities.

Cooperation: Due to our cooperative acting we create a very high customer loyality and are able to react optimally to our customers demands. We use
the feedback of our clients for further development of our products.


inmotiotec GmbH aims for a growth in sales turnover of 10% as well as a total result  (profit or loss on ordinary activities) of 10% of the respective annual sales turnover on medium- and long-term annual plans.

Our strategic goal ist to keep (in sports) and to achieve (in entertainment, logistics and car tests) technical and commercial global market leadership in the tracking and tracing sector for mobile objects.