Spotlight tracking of artist, stage & sports.

The local position measurement of the company inmotiotec is not only for sport applications, it is also suitable in the stage machinery. Together with the company zactrack, persons can be automatically followed from the spotlights. Every artist wears a transponder, which can be automatically located.
Every transponder can be activated or de-activated at every time. The control is up to the connected control console of the zactrack service computer. Every active transponder is connected by radio in the action area with the basis stations. The measuring data of the basis stations are constructed over a radial network where the zactrack CORE is transferred. There the position calculation is taking place.

Special Features:

  • Reliable position measurement via radio, no line of sight required
  • Unrestricted freedom of movements. Usable for slow movements (e.g. speakers) and for fast movements (e.g. ice skaters, racing sports)
  • Very large operating range, up to 1.500 m range

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