Horse race - real time position measurement.

Sector times, speed or lap times are some key facts which are extremely important in horse racing sport. With the local position measurement of the company inmotiotec you get such data in real time on the screen and without any finishing process. Whether in training or in competition, with the lpm system you get all relevant data at the touch of a button and with centimetre precision. With the motto – what you can measure, you can improve; the cooperation with a number of renowned international sports institutions and coaches is at the top. Individual software adoption as well as the constant communication between developer and customer makes the local position measurement system unique.

Functional principle
All in all about ten basis stations are installed around the measuring fields
(racecourse). Over the running measurement the transponder communicates with the basis stations. Afterwards, the data will be sent to a central processing unit, where the data will be analysed with the application software.

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