Ice hockey - realtime precise measurement

The combination of leading technology specialists inmotiotec and
hockeydata offers a wide range of automatically generated real-time
hockey statistics and analyses to coaches, players and media in a
unique system that is unrivalled in its precision.


Plus-/minus ranking, video clips for the analysis of certain players/game situations at the touch of a button, time on ice per player (TOI/powerplay/penalty-killing), shifts (quantity and duration), time of the athletes in certain zones (e.g. slot), visualization of the position play including the path, heart rate for every athlete

By statisticians:
Points (goals/assists/total points), faceoffs (won/lost), shots (missed/blocked/fanned/saved), passing- and tackling win rate (absolute number and percentage), puck contacts, displaying of the zones in which shots are taken and the position during the scoring success, rebound efficiency

Functional principle

All in all about ten basis stations are installed around the measuring fields (ice hockey field). Over the running measurement the transponder communicates with the basis stations. Afterwards, the data will be sent to a central processing unit, where the data will be analysed with the application software.

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