Auto Video

Free view of all facts: inmotiotec enables HD quality video recordings from the most diverse of perspectives. Due to the fully automated camera height adjustment and zoom factors which can be selected at random, individual players, defined groups and/or the ball can be selected, recorded and analysed.

The live image of the motioCam, synchronised with the software graphics of inmotio software. The newly developed system offers the analyst, trainer or scientist countless analytical tools. The system operates on a very simple principle. The cameras are calibrated and the inmotio software converts the x, y, z data into Pan/Tilt/Zoom. The dome camera system is simplest to explain for team sports. For example, if the trainer wants to take a look at the defence line, he simply selects those players forming the defence. If the players are standing close to one another, the camera zoom is directed at the players. If the players are far apart, the camera zooms to the position where all players are still visible.