Inmotio System (with LPM tracking technology)

The Inmotio System (with LPM technology) combines the positioning through RFID and video to one system. The Inmotio analytic software processes and visualizes data in realtime for training and competition.


The innovative Inmotio Analytic software offers the most precise real-time analysing possibilities on the market:

  • Position
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Physiological values (heart rate)
  • In ball sport: ball possession times of the single player and the team
  • rallies
  • pass options incl. pass rate, and many more

The LPM technology is the most precise sport tracking system worldwide.


  • Highest level of precision
  • Real-time capabilities
  • Spectacular operating range
  • Universal use indoors and outdoors
  • Exceptionally-high measurement rate, even with dynamic movements


  • Telemetry channel for biometric data
  • motioCam: video recording in HD quality from different perspectives including fully automatic camera tracking and freely selectable zoom factors
  • Video tracking using motioEye: only inmotiotec measures the ball in
    real time, without the need for a chip inside